About Areté Corporate Advisory LLC

Areté Corporate Advisory LLC was formed to serve the growth needs of the small to mid-sized private and public company in the U.S. and in Europe. Our advisors bring many years of experience in the legal, financial, and operational aspects of domestic and international corporate transactions and deep knowledge of the high tech and telecoms market segments. We have established a small team of experienced corporate finance, development, and operating professionals of large and small organizations, private and public. We understand the needs of the enterprise - from the inside out.

Through years of operating company experience, the Areté Corporate Advisory team recognizes the importance of providing timely and cost-efficient services. We are not bound by large overheads and cost structures dictating expensive minimum fee charges. We work closely with our clients to agree a flexible and creative fee structure that is commensurate to the value added by Areté Corporate Advisory.

Let us help you to meet your corporate growth needs.

In the US:  +1 305 767 4596
In Europe:  +44 (0)207 871 9420