How Can We Help You?

Our mission is all about supporting corporate growth opportunities. We focus on the long-term growth potential of the small to mid-sized enterprise. We help companies in a wide range of growth and turn-around situations, including:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Dispositions
  • Equity and debt-raising
  • Financial turn-around
  • Restructuring
  • Crisis management
  • Contract and deal negotiations

In today's global economy, enterprises of all sizes constantly seek new opportunities for growth and expansion. Often, growth opportunities are impeded by limited funding. Moreover, growth can be limited through a lack of good advice and information on available opportunities and structures. Traditional advisors in this field, investment bankers, the "Big 4" accountancy firms, and private banks are prohibitively expensive and generally out of reach for most mid-sized and smaller companies. (As one investment banker said: "I don't get out of bed for a fee less than $3 million.")

The Areté Corporate Advisory team can provide critical expertise to small to mid-sized companies in areas of strategic planning and corporate finance, operational integration & transition management, as well as corporate governance and related legal matters. The team brings extensive contacts with venture capital, private equity and investment banking firms and access to capital and debt sources, both in the U.S. and in Europe. We have not only advised private and public companies on how to structure and obtain new capital and debt, our team members have done the work themselves as managers and executives of operating companies and are able to share this experience with our clients.

How we work

Areté Corporate Advisory will work with your executives, board and staff at various stages of an acquisition, merger or disposition, although best results are typically achieved through early engagement in the process. We can provide:

  • Support in strategic planning
  • Identification of target companies and opportunities
  • Use of Areté Corporate Advisory as an initial contact with third parties to provide competitive anonymity
  • Support, coordination, lead in due diligence
  • Support in preparation of letter of intent
  • Support or lead negotiations
  • Supervision of deal documentation and oversight of legal counsel to ensure service efficiency
  • Report and presentation to board of directors/managers
  • Operational transition support in domestic and international settings

We can assist you through each phase of a corporate transaction from initial or strategic planning through to closing of the transaction. Areté Corporate Advisory has the experience to oversee due diligence efforts of external or internal accounting and legal resources. We have close associations with top legal and accounting firms when needed to complete the transaction. The team brings strong relationships with leading law firms and accounting firms in the United States and Europe. Our team brings their in-depth experience in closing over 100 corporate transactions over the past 8 years.

When finances are tight and creditors are circling, our team can provide turn-around and restructuring analysis and debtor-creditor negotiation support to put the enterprise back on the right track. We also provide investor and public relations support for crisis management situations.

Why use Areté Corporate Advisory?

The team at Areté Corporate Advisory have spent their career executing and overseeing dozens of domestic and international corporate transactions, from mergers, acquisitions to sales of stock and assets. But our expertise goes far beyond simply closing a transaction. We understand the importance of the planning processes before any transaction should even be considered. It is well documented that there is nothing but destroys more value in an acquisition or merger transaction then a poorly planned transition and integration of the target and acquirer. We have led, planned, and organized transition and integration teams that are essential to achieve value out of the transaction.

Similarly, when called upon to assist in raising debt or new equity, we will analyze your situation and provide you an unbiased objective view on your company’s prospects and identify the optimal fundraising activities.

The Areté Corporate Advisory team understand in depth the issues that face the board and management team, whether it be a private or public company, when seeking additional capital or debt or exploring the corporate transaction. We have been there many times before. We have experienced our share of successes and have learned valuable lessons from the failures along the way. We are committed to seeing you succeed.